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Beyond and above

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Activity 3

Beyond and above

Group 1: Nicole Kidman

“Maintain identity through art.”

Group 2: Aishwarya Rai

“A part of the world cinema.”

Group 3: Priyanka Chopra

“Don't call it Bollywood”

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You are in charge of one actress.

a. Look at the quotation and the caption to identify the actress and her career (fi lms, places, awards, other accomplishments...).
b. Use the Internet to look for more information about her. Be ready to present her biography.
Watch the video. Workbook p. 11
Briefly rephrase the main message delivered by the actress.
What is her relationship to Bollywood cinema?
Useful vocabulary: She voices her opinion on... She asserts / affi rms / claims / states that…
She speaks her mind about…
She emphasises / stresses / highlights that…
She denounces / criticises / points at…
She mentions that...
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Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings and learn about the other actresses.

Introduce each actress. How fantastic and famous are they? What do they all have in common?

Compare the viewpoint of each actress on Bollywood. What are the common points and differences?

Discuss which point of view is the most interesting.

Useful vocabulary: She shares the same opinion as…
She subscribes to the point of view of…
Her career is in line with what she says when...
I defi nitely agree more with…
I think... has got a point when she says that...
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From French to English


La traduction de « parler »

Converser, discuter : talk Exprimer, dire : speak Évoquer, citer : mention Traiter de, aborder : be about
Ex : She talks with / to her host. Ex : She speaks her mind (to him). Ex : She mentions it. Ex : The film is about star-crossed lovers.

Attention à la préposition à utiliser.

Exercices p. 40


  • global / international / worldwide (adj.)
  • prestigious / praised (adj.)
  • renowned / famous (adj.)
  • convey a message (exp.)
  • identify with / feel close to (exp.)
  • borders / limits / frontiers (n.)
  • stage (n.)
  • role model / icon (n.)
  • stereotypes / prejudice (n.)

Let's learn!

Introductory verb battle

To report speech, you need introductory verbs such as “say”. Challenge your classmates: in turn, each of you says a verb, the first one who runs out of words loses!

Précis de communication p. 258

Over to you!

Present a famous actress

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

You decide to write an article to present a famous actress or actor and her or his role in Bollywood cinema. You can choose one of the actresses on this double page or another one of your choice.

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