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In and out of the Valley

Activity 1
The pursuit of happiness
p. 20

Group 1: Einstein sees America

Voir les réponses

a. Tick the correct answer.

1) According to Einstein’ American students are mostly interested in money. success. research.

2) He depicts the US as a materialistic nation. an idealistic nation. an individualistic nation.

3) His personal opinion of the US nation is positive. negative. mixed.

b. What are, according to Einstein, the reasons for the American success?

positive attitude toward life
military power
economic power
vision of the future
moral qualities

c. Say if the following statement is true or false. Justify with a quote.

Nevertheless, Einstein thinks that American should get more involved in the problems of the world.

True False

Voir les réponses

Get ready! Find a synonym for each of the following words in the text.

generous (adj.) :

repeated (v.) :

gifted (adj.) :

accusation (n.) :

success (n.) :

Group 2: 25 years as a US citizen

Voir les réponses

Get ready! Find a synonym for each of the following words in the text.

a try (n.) :

over and above (prep.) :

be successful (v.) :

strongly desire (v.) :

Voir les réponses

a. Tick the correct answer.

1) For Arnold Schwarzenegger, immigrating to the US was difficult. painful. easy.

2) He thinks immigrants to the US should take advantage of what they have. blend in.give back the option.

3) He considers immigration to the US as a permanent option. a temporary option.

b. True or false?

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks that immigrants should forget their past.
True False

2) He advises them to make their best efforts to learn English.
True False

3) He thinks that new citizens shouldn’t engage in politics.
True False

c. What differences between Europe and the US made his choice to immigrate a positive one?

Groups 1 & 2
Let's recap! Present your immigrant. What vision of the US does he give?

Useful vocabulary: He has... origins. He shares his vision of the US...
To him, the reason for... is... He believes in...

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