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The US: a talent magnet?

In and out of the Valley

Activity 2
The US: a talent magnet?
p. 23

Group 1: A land of opportunity

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a. Listen to these words and write them down.
Practise pronouncing them.

Ex 1

1) /dɪˈzaɪə/
2) /dɔktɔʀrət/
3) /ɛdʒʊˈkɛɪʃən/
4) /ˈfɔrɪn/
Watch the video and choose the correct words in the following statements.
1) The racial diversity at the university of reflects America’s diversity and the desire of students for an American education.
2) Indeed, foreign students came to the US to study this year and these students earn than half the doctorates.
3) Vivek Wadhwa came as a and says that immigration changed.
4) Immigrants always buy a ticket because America is a land of and that is why the rest of the world is suffering a brain drain.

Group 2: Reverse Brain Drain?

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True or false?
Watch the video and tick the correct answer.

1) Foreign students are going back home because the economies in India and China are booming.
True False

2) A survey in 2008 showed that only 10% of Indian students in the US wanted to stay permanently.
True False

3) ShiYigon studied in China, worked as a Professor at Princeton for ten years then went back to China.
True False

4) He believes China will never be more advanced than America in terms of science and technology.
True False

Group 3: A turning point?

Voir les réponses

Watch the video and circle the words you hear in it

low income
financial support

b. Explain this sentence.

“The answer to the reverse brain drain is to make sure good American brains don’t go down the drain.”


Groups 1, 2 & 3
Let's recap! Explain the facts raised in your video and their causes, consequences or solutions.

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