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Unit 2

The colors of music

Unit A

Activity 4
Appropriation vs appreciation

Text A

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Get ready!

a. Choose the correct synonym or definition for the following words from the text.

1) Reap the benefits:
pay for something profit from something work hard

2) Acknowledged:
recognised taughtheard

3) Feature:
remember promote hate

4) Get passed over:
succeed in something get ready for something be ignored

5) Fit (within):
be sporty feel correspond to

b. True or false? Give the lines in the text to justify.

1) The author states that black artists inspired white rock artists.
True False l.

2) She thinks Elvis got the same credit as Chuck Berry or Rosetta Tharpe.
True False l.

3) Black artists don’t play rock music anymore.
True False l.

4) The music industry decides who should play what style.
True False l.
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The author’s point of view: tick the sentence that best sums it up.

1) She thinks rock music was, in a way stolen from black artists on purpose.

2) She thinks rock music was, stolen from black artists, but that white artists are not responsible for it.

3) She thinks rock music was, inspired by white artists but is now played by everybody.

Text B

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Get ready! Choose the words from the text that best correspond to the following definitions.

1) Take with no intention to steal (v.):
note borrow crown

2) Merchandization (n.):
attribution contribution commoditization

3) Cause someone to be interested in (v.):
turn people on to share influence
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Choose the best answer for each sentence (justify by quoting the text).

1) The author thinks Black artists are:

recognized appropriately
not recognized enough
totally forgotten

2) She thinks the fact that Elvis and Justin Timberlake are considered kings of rock and R'n'B is:

totally unjustified
a bit strange

3) She considers Keith Richards and Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones as:

thieves stealing credit from artists like Muddy Waters
respectful artists inspired by Muddy Waters

Text C

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Get ready! Find the corresponding verbs about musical success.

1) appear as a newcomer:
2) mix genres:
3) create something new:
4) explore for the first time:
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Answer in your own words (justify by quoting the text).

1) What are the stereotypes about punk rock and black music?

2) What was original about Bad Brains?

3) How did Bad Brains appear in this context?
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