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Chapter 3

Dream job: now casting!

What does it take to get the best job in the world?
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Today you can…

  • talk about your duties,
  • talk about your experiences,
  • recount past events.

Tomorrow you will…

  • talk about your future responsibilities,
  • sum up your previous experiences,
  • describe your current situation with for and since,
  • discover Australia and tourism.

Mission 1

Record a radio ad

  • React to a poster.
  • Listen to a radio ad.
  • Read job descriptions.

Mission 2

Choose a job and write a CV

  • Play roles.
  • Watch video CVs.
  • Write a text message.

Final challenge

Take part in a casting

  • Play the part of a candidate or a member of the jury.
  • Write an application letter.
  • Record a video CV.

Mission 1


Mission 1
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