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Mission 1

Animist sculptures

Compétence : Parler en continu : je prends la parole pour raconter, décrire, expliquer.

Did you know?

Mask-making is a very ancient art. In parts of Australia, giant totem masks covered the whole body! In western Alaska, Inuit women used finger masks during storytelling and dancing. Do you like wearing masks?

01Animal sculptures

02Aboriginal beliefs

03Native-Americans’ Animal Guides


Loyal but independent, teaches cooperation, new ideas and the values of extended families.


Wisdom, also stands for the souls of the dead.


Protector and leader, symbolises physical strength and wilderness.


Symbol of speed, family protection and kindness.



Observe: The crow has no fear: it’s fearless. The elk has a lot of power: it’s very powerful. The deer is famous for its gentleness: it’s so gentle!

Observe the nouns and adjectives. What does each suffix mean? Practise: Explain the qualities of your animal guide!


Want vs went vs won't

The Yup’ik went /went/ deer-hunting. They won’t /wəʊnt/ come. I want /wɒnt/ a mask like that.
They went away; they won’t come back - they don’t want to!
  • 1
    . Thunderbird and Whale Totem Pole
  • 2
    . Yupi’k Fish Mask

Thunderbird and Whale Totem Pole

Thunderbird and Whale Totem Pole

Exercice 1 : Animal sculptures

Question 1

DOCS 1, 2

What animals can be seen in each sculpture?

Question 2

DOCS 1, 2

What powers might they have?

Question 3

DOCS 1, 2

What’s the role of a totem pole? List your ideas.

Question 4

DOCS 1, 2

Carry out a survey on your classmates to see if they would like to have a totem pole at home!
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