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Chapter 7

Star-crossed lovers!

Why do people love to read about celebrities and their love stories?
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Extract from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Audio guide

Today you can...

  • recount a past event,
  • talk about what is or isn’t allowed,
  • make hypotheses about the future.

Tomorrow you will...

  • recount what was happening in the past,
  • talk about goals and intentions,
  • imagine the outcomes of a story,
  • get to know Shakespeare and the British press.

Mission 1

Take part in an editorial meeting

  • Read an extract from a play.
  • Listen to a news report.
  • React to a painting.

Mission 2

Imagine a newspaper front page

  • Read a press article.
  • Imagine dialogues.
  • Debate about tabloids.

Final challenge

Create a breaking news video report

  • Roleplay a news report.
  • Recite verses.
  • Create a Romeo and Juliet comic strip.

Mission 2


Mission 2
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