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Chapter 9

Epilogue: The World in One City!

What would you miss if you moved abroad?
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Today you can…

  • describe pictures and works of art,
  • coordinate ideas with link words,
  • talk about your past experiences.

Tomorrow you will…

  • describe your first impressions with perception verbs,
  • write coherent texts,
  • talk about fictional, imaginary situations,
  • visit Brick Lane and Brixton in London.

Mission 1

Write a diary entry

  • React to an article.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Read an extract from a novel.

Mission 2

Fight a poetry battle

  • Create a quiz.
  • Discuss decisions.
  • Read a poem.

Final challenge

Recite a poem

  • Record a vox pop.
  • Recite a poem.
  • Create an information board.

Mission 1


Mission 1
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