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Chapter 2

Let's hit the road!

Can you stay green while travelling in the USA?
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Song: "America the beautiful", an American patriotic song
The audio guide to the movie poster

Today you can…

  • talk about past events,
  • use the simple present,
  • share your wishes.

Tomorrow you will…

  • talk about minor incidents,
  • describe your present situation,
  • share your experiences,
  • discover the USA and road trips.

Mission 1

Plan an itinerary

  • Read a letter.
  • Describe landscapes.
  • Listen to a conversation.

Mission 2

Write a road trip blog

  • Read a blog article.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Brainstorm about eco-friendly activities.

Final challenge

Organise a quiz about the USA

  • Publish an interactive quiz.
  • Roleplay a conversation.
  • Record a video.

Final challenge


Final challenge
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