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Mission 1

I love NY Food!

Compétence : Réagir et dialoguer : j’échange avec un interlocuteur.

Did you know?

Food trucks have for a long time existed, from the Texas 1860s chuckwagons to the late 1950s ice cream vans in the UK. In 1936 in the US, a man even invented a hot-dog shaped food truck! You can even eat from doubledecker food trucks. What’s your favourite food? Are you a junk food addict or an organic food gourmet?

01The Vendy Awards

Present this flyer to your favorite food truck in NYC for a 20% discount on your order!
The Vendy Awards are the first street food event and competition series in the USA. It’s an intense cook-off between the most popular sidewalk chefs in New York City and a fundraiser to support The Street Vendor Project.

A team of distinguished judges score the finalists and decide who will win the prestigious “Vendy Cup.” Attendees choose our People’s Choice Award winner, as well as winners in the other categories: Rookie of the Year, Best of Market, Best of Dessert, and Best of Street Drinks. Join us to celebrate NYC’s unique food culture, promote small businesses and help raise funds to provide legal aid, advocacy and loan access to our city’s street vendors.

Tickets are on sale now for the 12th annual Vendy Awards in New York City!
Your ticket will give you all-you-can-eat access to the city’s best street food, drinks, entertainment and more!
Adapted from the Vendy Awards official website (New York City section).

02Let’s get down to business!

03The best menu in town!


Likes & dislikes

Observe: I can’t stand French fries and I’m not into eating at fast food restaurants. I’m keen on sandwiches and I don’t mind eating raw fish.
Think: Find expressions meaning: like, prefer, hate, feel neutral.
Practise: Write an acrostic with your name to express your likes and dislikes!


Intonation & suggestions

How about eating kebab tonight?
Shall we have Chinese for lunch?
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