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Toss the caber!

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Does Haggis not contain beef, chicken or lamb? 
2. Are the ingredients mixed inside a sheep’s stomach, an onion or a tartan sock? 
3. Is blood pudding a type of sausage, a dessert or a drink?

01The rules of the game

The rules of the game

Tug of war

The aim is to pull the opposite team’s white flag over the centre line.

Equipment you need:
a 6-metre long rope, red and white tape, two bits of white cloth

- There must be an even number of players on each team, plus one referee.
- The referee must stand between the two team lines. Players mustn’t touch the ground.
- Players must pick up the rope and hold it tight.
- When the referee gives the signal, the players should pull on the rope.
- A team has lost when its flag is pulled across the centre line, or when a player falls down.

02Tossing the caber

03Highland sports


La prononciation du « i »

Listen: Haggis, kilt, whisky, Highland, piping, finally.

Réfléchis : Comment prononces-tu ces mots ? Distingue les /aɪ/ des /ɪ/.
Répète : Scottish children don’t like haggis nor drink whisky, do they?


Must, HAVE to et need to

Observe : The caber must be 16 to 22 feet long. It has to weigh between 100 and 180 pounds and it needs to be vertical.

Réfléchis : Observe les mots en gras. Permettent-ils d’exprimer des règles, des voeux ou des envies ?

Conclus : Pour exprimer une obligation, on utilise ... + BV ou .... + to + BV. Pour exprimer une nécessité, on utilise ... + to + BV.
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