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Pancake Day

Did you know?

1. Pancake Day is a pagan celebration. Right or wrong?
2. It is only celebrated in English-speaking countries. Right or wrong?
3. It’s called “Mardi Gras” in the US. Right or wrong?



MPs triumph in annual pancake race

MPs have claimed victory at Westminster's annual Parliamentary pancake race around Victoria Gardens, just outside the Houses of Parliament.
The Shrove Tuesday charity event pits MPs [...] and the press [...] against each other.
[...] the annual race, [...] raises money for the Rehab charity which helps people with physical and mental disabilities.
From the BBC, 9 February 2016.


Up to you!

A2 You need a pan, a bowl...
A2+ First, put the flour in a bowl.
B1 They look yummy, don’t they? Be careful when you toss them!
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Pancake Day



Question 1


Look at the picture and match each noun with its description.

Question 2

Do you like pancakes? What do you put on them? Choose your top five among the list.
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