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At the Chocolate Factory

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Does Chocoholic mean addicted to chocolate or allergic to chocolate?
2. How much chocolate do Spanish people consume? More than 11.2kg per year or less than 11.2kg per year?
3. How many chocolate bars do 11.2kg of chocolate represent? Two hundred and sixty-six or two thousand and sixty-six?




Burton: Chocolate Factory #2 Now Casting

A month ago, some lost chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were found. And they revealed there weren’t 5 but 10 children in the original story who actually met Willy Wonka!

The discovery of new unpublished chapters revealed Dahl’s intention to include more golden tickets. Of course, American film director Tim Burton immediately announced “The Chocolate Factory needs to reopen its doors, but a second movie would be ridiculous. We will produce a Reality Tv Show, a real live casting!!!”.

Will you be lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket?! Will you be nice enough to win the Chocolate Factory?


Up to you!

A2 I’m Charlie and I’m nine years old.
A2+ I’m quite jealous but I’m not cruel at all. I’m very creative.
B1 I think I’m the best because I’m nicer than the others.
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Question 1

Classify all the proper nouns from the news article.

Question 2


Read the article carefully and choose the correct answer.
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