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Thème 1 : Back to school!
Ch. 0
Prologue: Looking forward, looking back!
Ch. 1
Act and react!
Thème 2 : Around the world!
Ch. 2
Piki mai, kake mai!
Ch. 3
Dream job: now casting!
Thème 3 : Through time
Ch. 4
Ancient wisdom
Ch. 5
I want to break free!
Thème 4 : About Stories
Ch. 6
Indigenous myths!
Ch. 7
Star-crossed lovers!
Thème 5 : Speak up
Ch. 8
Big brands, Tiny hands
Ch. 9
The World in One City!
Cultural spots
Cultural spots

Rosie's Legacy

Culture : je prends conscience des différences culturelles.
Parler en continu : je reproduis un modèle oral.

Workbook p. 138

Did you know?

Do you think men and women are equal around the world? You'd better think twice. Women and girls suffer from discrimination and violence worldwide.
Yet, a lot of effort has been made to achieve gender equality. What could you do to help?
Un poster de J. Howard Miller's, We Can Do It!
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Crédits : Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy

J. Howard Miller's, We Can Do It!, 1943.

Un poster de Norman Rockwell, “Rosie the Riveter”
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Crédits : Terry Smith Images/Alamy

Norman Rockwell, “Rosie the Riveter”, Saturday Evening Post (cover), May 1943.


1. Describe the 2 pictures: what, who, colours, symbolism… What is their goal?
Group work
Compare them and choose the most convincing. Use superlatives.
3. about these two posters.


Match the two parts of the sentence.

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon
American women worked
The poster was first a tool
Rosie the Riveter is now used
Emma Watson during her speech at the UN
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Emma Watson delivering a speech at the United Nations, NYC, 20th September 2014.


1. Note down the keywords. Concentrate on stressed words.
Group work
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?
3. Choose a woman involved in the feminist movement and present her to the class.


Complete the lyrics of Beyoncé's song : “Run the World (Girls)”.

Image de différentes femmes avec une feuille dans leurs mains contenant  un message qu'elles souhaitent trasmettre au monde
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#WhatIReallyReallyWant..., Global goals compaign, 2016.


1. Note down what they want.
2. Is it a convincing video? Why?
3. Learn more about this campaign on .


Find the odd ones out.

Up to you!

Record a lipdub

Use and record a lipdub of the song with your class involving boys and girls! #WhatWeReallyWant.

How far can you go?

I try to sing along but often hesitate.
I can sing most of the song.
I rocked it!
I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!

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