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A Never-Ending (Hi)story?

Unit 6

A Never-Ending (Hi)story?

Get ready!
a. Find in the word cloud a word matching each phonetic transcription. Then listen to check.

Get ready!

1) /ˌdaɪəgˈnəʊsɪs/
2) /hɪsˈtɪrɪə/
3) /ˈwɪʧkrɑːft/
4) /ˌsuːpəˈnæʧrəl/

b. With the help of the title and the word cloud, make suppositions about the video.

word cloud

a. Watch the video. Pick out in the word cloud above the words you actually hear in the video.

b. Pick out elements to fill in these categories.

Dates Places People

c. True or false? Tick the correct answer.
1) Betty Parris and Abigail Williams were accused of being witches.

2) People were not worried about the issue.

3) Men and women were accused of witchcraft.

4) The first girl was convicted because of her clothes.

5) Witches were executed.

Let's recap! Present the Salem witch trials.

Useful vocabulary: This document is... about... in... It started in... and ended in... Young girls... They were accused of… Many people were...

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