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Green Waves

Unit 11

Green Waves

Get ready! Listen to the words of the word cloud. Use them with the title of the video to guess what the video could be about.

word cloud

nuage de mots

a. Watch the video and fill in the following table.

Who? Where? When? What? (type of document and topic)
Part 1 Part 2

b. Pick out the following information.
1) 2040 → when
and when

2) Questions this raises:


3) What people from Civil Beat plan to do:

What are the communication strategies in the document?

1) Source:

2) Tone of the speakers:

3) Aim of the video:

4) Target audience:

Let's recap! Present the “Hawaii 2040: The Changing Climate” project. If necessary, use the Internet to find out what Civil Beat is.

Useful vocabulary: It is a one‑year‑long project carried out by... It aims at...
According to... 2040 could actually be... It ends on a positive note, as...

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