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Arthur, Lady G. & Co.!


Arthur, Lady G. & Co.!

Today you can...

     talk about past events,
     describe characters,
     write a story with link words,
     explain life in the Middle Ages.

Tomorrow you will...

     invent a past story,
     describe a knight’s armour and values,
     tell a story with emphasis,
    ✈️ learn about Arthurian legends.

Why are we still fascinated by medieval legends?

Why are we still fascinated by medieval legends?

Audio guide

Audio guide

Morte d’Arthur

Mission 1

Create a DVD cover

  • Comment on a video.
  • Read a story.
  • Compare posters.

Mission 2

Tell your adventures

  • Play Kim’s game.
  • Watch a video.
  • Describe knights.

Final challenge

Create an illuminated manuscript

  • Write an adventure story.
  • Become a member of Arthur’s court.
  • Create a survival kit.
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