Anglais 6e

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Ch. 0
Prologue: Can you spell... B-E-E?
Thème 1 : Me, myself and I
Ch. 1
School again!
Ch. 2
Talent show!
Ch. 3
Amusement park!
Thème 2 : Across the United Kingdom
Ch. 4
Sport rocks!
Ch. 5
Haunted homes
Ch. 6
Getting around London!
Thème 3 : Through time!
Ch. 7
I, robot!
Ch. 8
George the Dragon Slayer?
Ch. 9
Epilogue: Into the deep...
Cultural spots
Mission 1

Looking into the past

Réagir et dialoguer : je peux échanger des informations.

Workbook p. 120

Did you know?

Quick facts about the Titanic: 2 dogs boarded lifeboats, 5 musicians kept on playing until the boat sank, there were 33 nationalities onboard. How many passengers travelled onboard?

A strange discovery


A strange discovery
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Group work
Look at the and imagine what's inside the suitcase!
2. Listen and say what the characters are talking about. You can create a .
3. Listen again and take notes.

First clue


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Crédits : AF archive/Alamy

White Star Line boarding pass
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Crédits : Christian Schmitt/Flickr

Boarding pass.

Passenger ticket
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Passenger ticket.

1. Identify these documents.
2. Listen and write down as much information as you can.
3. Concentrate on numbers. an infographic.
Group work
Create a timeline. Then, tell the story using the simple past.

Second clue

Second clue
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Crédits : Lynea/Shutterstock, Boylo/Wikipedia, Enrico Luigi Delponte/Flickr, The Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, 720-865-1821, Larisa Koshkina/Public Domain

1. Say what information we can learn from the illustrated objects.
2. Identify the jobs of the people in the portraits 2, 4 and 5!
3. Listen and draw Mrs Carter's cabin.


The lettre "i"

There were some rich people on the Titanic.

Whisper: The Titanic was gigantic!


Simple past

Observe: The captain received warnings but did not listen to them.

Think: Underline the verbs. What tense is used?

Practise: What did you do yesterday?

Roleplay an auction

Use and, in groups, roleplay an auction to sell objects from the Titanic!

How far can you go?

I can describe the objects' colours and aspects.
I can talk about the objects' owners.
I can give background information about the objects.

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