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Thème 1 : Back to school!
Ch. 0
Prologue : Looking forward, looking back!
Ch. 1
Act and React!
Thème 2 : Around the world!
Ch. 2
Piki mai, kake mai!
Ch. 3
Dream job: now casting!
Thème 3 : Through time
Ch. 4
Ancient wisdom
Ch. 5
I want to break free!
Thème 4 : About Stories
Ch. 6
Indigenous myths!
Ch. 7
Star-crossed lovers!
Thème 5 : Speak up
Ch. 8
Big brands, Tiny hands
Ch. 9
Epilogue : The World in On City!
Cultural spots
Chapter 9
Mission 1

Multicultural London!

Did you know?

1. A “melting pot” is
2. In Sydney, English is the only language.
3. A cosmopolitan city is a place with many different cultures.

A bus driver's son

1. Read the article and fill in the mind map with key information about Sadiq Khan.

His family Sadiq Khan His social background
His election

2. What does Sadiq Khan mean when he says: “back then, I never dreamt that someone like me could be elected as Mayor of London”?

3. Highlight what makes London a multicultural city.

4. Do some research on the Internet and find the five most common countries of birth for residents of London born outside the UK.

First impressions

1. Listen to the audio and fill with the correct answer.
Before listening, look at the picture and think about what you can usually see and hear in a city.

Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.

a) Is Rodell's first impression of the city positive or negative?
b) Does Lawrence agree with him?

2. On his way, Rodell sees, hears and smells different things. Match each word with the corresponding feeling (complete with a, b, or c). Note the one London and Kingston have in common.
Chugging /ˈʧʌgɪŋ/: the noise a train or a car makes. Growling /ˈgraʊlɪŋ/: the noise a dog or machinery makes.

Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.
 Horn (cars beeping)
 Double-decker bus
 Grey clouds
 Bad smells

The common feeling between London and Kingston:

3. Have you ever visited another town? Describe your first impressions in a Tweet.
I went to… I saw yellow buses and I heard people talking…
Le zoom est accessible dans la version Premium.
Crédits : Par Twitter (Doug Bowman, DA). — Twitter brand, marque déposée,
140 characters

Empire Windrush

1. Look at the picture. Guess when the story is set and explain.
Look at the characters, their clothes and the landscapes.
The story is set in .

Why? Explain:

2. Which Small Island does the title refer to?

3. Read the text and match the adjective to the corresponding word.
Billow /ˈbɪləʊ/: spread over a large area. Bewilder /bɪˈwɪldə/: surprise, confuse. Dowdy /ˈdaʊdi/: grey, unexciting. Glum /glʌm/: unhappy, unsmiling.

billowing black

4. List and classify the sights and sounds that surprise the new arrivals.
They are bewildered to hear… + GN + V-ing

Sights 👁️
Sounds 🔊


Shortened words

Listen: Thanks for having me, cuz. ‘Cos this is meant to be the summer...

Réfléchis : Cuz = cousin ou because ? 'Cos = cousin ou because ? Repère la syllabe accentuée dans ces deux mots.

Répète : ‘nuff (enough), ‘scuse (excuse).


Perception verbs with -ing

Observe : Can you see the bus going past? They can hear a train rumbling across the bridge.

Réfléchis : Repère les verbes de perception. Note le deuxième verbe de chaque phrase.
Quelle est sa terminaison ?  

Conclus : Après un verbe de perception, je rajoute
à la BV.

Mission 1

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2. I mustn't forget... (you can tick more than one box)

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