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A oteaora, "the land of the long white cloud"!

Mission 1

A oteaora, "the land of the long white cloud"!

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Hobbits in New Zealand?!

Hobbits in New Zealand?!

Doc. 4
The korora

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 4</stamp> The korora

Doc. 5
The rare hoiho

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 5</stamp> The rare hoiho

Doc. 6
The tawaki

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 6</stamp> The tawaki

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Did you know?

1. The native people of New Zealand are the New Zealanders. Right or wrong? 
2. The inhabitants of New Zealand have adopted Maori traditions. Right or wrong?



Listen: Nature, hot, tour, culture.

Réfléchis : Pour chaque mot choisis la bonne prononciation du « t » /ʧ/ ou /t/.


Observe : A breathtaking green mountain. A lovely little penguin.

Réfléchis : Dans ces phrases, entoure en bleu les adjectifs qui décrivent le nom « objectivement » et en rouge ceux qui donnent une opinion sur celui-ci.

Conclus : Lorsque j’utilise deux adjectifs, le premier est : objectif ou subjectif ? Alors que le second serait objectif ou subjectif ?



Répète : Agriculture, creature, temperate, departure, tempting, mixture.

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Mission 1

I am going to design...

A travel agency will use it...

Choose your level:

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Exercice 1 : Ta moko

Read the article. List the adjectives and nouns qualifying ta moko.

ta moko

Match the following words and expressions to describe the man and his tattoo.

  • Topknot
  • Stuck out tongue and wide-open eyes
  • Ta moko
For men: sign of intimidation to the enemy; for women: sign of great defiance.
The tikiki: dressed with a wooden comb, only for men of a certain status.
Sign of rank, but also used as a kind of identification card.

Eliminate the wrong reasons for getting this type of tattoo.

Would you like to have a tattoo? Debate the question with your classmates!

Arguments for 👍 Arguments against 👎
beautiful permanent

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Exercice 2 : Hobbits in New Zealand?!

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

a) The roof is made of (green tiles / green wood / grass and soil).
b) What are the benefits of this kind of roof?
c) What’s the main characteristic of the people living in the house?  

Now, listen. List the positive adjectives Josh uses to describe New Zealand.

  • The most place on Earth.
  • The most landscapes.
  • mountains.
  • valleys covered in .
  • Pretty landscapes.
  •  plains.

Select the season Elijah has chosen for his trip.

Why does Josh say it won’t be Summer in New Zealand in July?

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Exercice 3 : Crazy nature!

Browse the Internet and locate the three species of penguins on the map.

  • Lake Moeraki
  • Stewart Island
  • The Catlins
The tawaki 🐧
The rare hoiho 🐧
The korora 🐧

Look up the word pohutu in the Maori dictionary and select the words that best explain what it is.

Create a “nature or culture traveller” quiz. Fill in the table with outdoor activities and cultural activities. Then, ask your classmates to choose between the two activities.

Nature 🌲 Culture 🖼️
Hiking in Kahurangi National Park. Sightseeing in Auckland.

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