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They live amongst us!

Mission 2

They live amongst us!

Doc. 1
Did you know?

1. A sidekick is a hero’s best friend. Right or wrong?
2. A sidekick has to be human. Right or wrong?

Doc. 10
The Real Life Super Hero Project

Doc. 11
Les comparatifs

Observe : It was much more serious than they thought. It’s easier than you think.

Réfléchis : Repère les adjectifs dans ces phrases. Sont-ils à la même forme ?

Conclus : En anglais, lorsque l’on souhaite ... deux choses, on utilise le comparatif. Il faut regarder la ... de l’adjectif afin de pouvoir le modifier. Si l’adjectif est composé d’... syllabe, alors on rajoute -er than à la fin. Si l’adjectif est composé de ... syllabes, alors on rajoute more devant celui-ci et than après.

Doc. 2

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp> Superman

Doc. 3

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 3</stamp> Batman

Doc. 4
A firefighter

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 4</stamp> A firefighter

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 5</stamp>

Doc. 6
The little big man!

New Jersey, 6 September, 2016

Ian McGreevy, 8, was playing baseball with his Little League team in New Jersey when a ball struck him hard against the chest and knocked him flat on the ground. Everyone thought he was just shocked but it was much more serious than that: he actually went into cardiac arrest. A mother from the opposite team, Maureen Renaghan, jumped in to help.
According to NBC 4 New York, Renaghan rushed to perform CPR on the boy. He was fully breathing when the ambulance arrived on the scene to take him to the hospital, and has since made a full recovery.
“I learned CPR 20 years ago,” Renaghan said. “It’s easier than you think!”

Adapted from Laura Vitto, “8 Real-Life Superheroes Who Saved the Day”, Mashable, January 2013.

Doc. 8
a) My Hero

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 8</stamp> a) My Hero

Doc. 9
b) My classmate’s Hero

<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 9</stamp> b) My classmate’s Hero



Listen: DC’s guardian guards the gigantic guests.

Réfléchis : Le « g » devant un « u » se prononce-t-il /g/ ou /j/ ?



Répète : Girl, you have got to read the Guardian!

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Mission 2

The two parts of this mission are...

How many false stories do you have to invent?

Choose your level:

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Exercice 1 : He saved my life

Match each hero to the corresponding characteristics: can lift heavy objects / saves lives / doesn’t have superpowers / uses many gadgets / can fly / is very strong.

Superman Batman A firefighter

Complete the text with your own opinion about the firefighter.

a) He is a hero because he can .
b) He is a hero, even if he can’t .

Among these people, select the ones that you consider as everyday heroes. Add your ideas!

Draw your own “Who is your favourite superhero?” quiz (you may print the image).💡 Tip: Use ideas from the list of words above.

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Exercice 2 : A real-life heroine

Graphique lié à l'exercice 7
Identify the document and highlight the important elements. Then, complete the text.

The document is published in the year . It tells the story of a called Maureen, who saved a young in , USA.

Take this quiz to sum up what happened to the boy.

a) What was Ian doing when the ball struck his chest? (Ian was watching a football match / Ian was playing baseball / Ian was chatting with his friends).
b) What happened to Ian when the ball struck his chest? (He fell on the floor / He went to get help / He cried).
c) Was it a dangerous accident? Why? (Yes, it was. Ian’s heart stopped beating / No, it wasn’t. He got up rapidly).

Complete the mindmap and describe the heroine who saved Ian’s life.

a) What’s her name? Ian's heroine b) Why was she there?
c) What was her role in the accident? e) What should Ian say to her? d) What talents or skills does she have?

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Exercice 3 : The Real Life Super Hero Project

Watch the video and fill in the blanks.

This document is a (type of document). It is part of the (name) project. I can hear (man / girl) talking. He is (answer) questions in an (type of talk). I can see he is wearing (clothes) so I guess he is a (job). His name is .

Who is DC’s Guardian? Watch the video again and complete this mindmap about him.

a) What is his “job”? b) How did he help the sick child?
c) Who does he help? How? d) Why did he decide to do this job?

Imagine your everyday superhero. Fill in the card and ask your classmate about his/hers.

a) My Hero b) My classmate's Hero

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