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Final challenge

Final challenge

Final challenge

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Group challenge

Write the lyrics of a song.

In group, create a mindmap with the help of your textbook. In the centre, write the title of the challenge, then each of you will be in charge of a part of the map.

What I Must do
What I may do
Grammar and words I will need
What I mustn't do
Cultural references I should add.

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Personal challenge

Record a podcast from the future.

Record a short message from the future alerting today’s humans about the consequences of their actions.

Note the words you recognise in the instructions and choose the right propositions.

The words I recognise:

I must (speak / write / interview).
b) My message must be ( long / short).
c) It is for (today’s humans / tomorrow’s humans / yesterday’s humans).
d) It will alert them about (the effects of their actions / the causes of their actions).

My message:

Points à traiter Amorces
Je me présente comme citoyen du futur. Dear..., I am...
Je décris des villes du futur. Cities will be... There won’t be...
Je préviens les humains des conséquences de leurs actions. If...

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Group challenge

Interview an ecologist or an engineer about the future of cities.

Exchange about what the future holds and how to tackle today’s situation. Comment on the consequences of pollution and suggest solutions.

Lis la consigne et relève les mots transparents.

Trouve les équivalents français de ces quatre mots-clés.


    Points à traiter Amorces pour le journaliste Amorces pour l’écologiste ou l’ingénieur
    J’évoque l’avenir des villes. Will cities be ...?
    Will there be ...?
    Cities will be ...
    There will be...
    There won’t be...
    Je parle des conséquences. What will happen if ...? If we continue, we will ...
    Je donne des solutions. What can / must / should we do? We must / can / should + BV
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