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What is a Spelling Bee contest?

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Mission 1

What is a Spelling Bee contest?

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Can you spell P-O-S-T-E-R?

Look at the document in your textbook, then look at this one. Spot the 7 differences.

Graphique lié à l'exercice 1

Match the elements from the original picture with their categories.

  • date
  • ordinal number
  • type of document
  • place
  • event
  • time
Sat. January 11/ Sun. January 12
Kahilu Theatre (Hawaii)
The annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
7 p.m. / 2 p.m.

Let's recap! Present the document filling in the blanks with the words above.

a) The document is a  (type of document) for the  (ordinal number)  (event).
b) The competition takes place at  (place). It starts on  (date) at  (time).
c) On the poster, we can see (number) participants,  (number) chairs, a  (animal) and a microphone.

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Did you know?

1. In the USA, Spelling Bee contests are dictations.
2. La dictée des Cités is famous in France.
3. In France, there is a National Spelling Bee contest.
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6-year-old winner!

Associate each letter to the right word.
Graphique lié à l'exercice 3
  • d) National Spelling Bee
  • c) 6 year-old
  • a) Washington DC
  • b) May 25, 2016

Answer the questions:

a) What type of document is it? (A video / An article from a newspaper / A school book).
b) The subject of the document is (an old man / a little boy / a young girl).

Now watch the video and focus on the little boy. Complete his registration form.

👤 Name:
🗓️ Age:
⭐ Exceptional ability: I am very good at s...

Which word does the boy pronounce at the beginning of the video? Can you spell it too? 
Misspell /ˈmɪsˈspɛl/: spell wrong.
Defeat /dɪˈfiːt/ ≠ win.

Fill in this table with words you know. Then, like in a Spelling Bee contest, pronounce them to your classmate and ask him / her to spell them.

Words 👍 👎
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Listen to the recording. Read the sentences and match them to the right character.

At a Spelling Bee contest

  • I am 11 too
  • look so young
  • let's do our best to win
  • a bit nervous
  • I am 11
  • I worked hard
Jonas Jenny

Listen again and identify where they are and why. Tick the correct answer. 
Stage /steɪdʒ/: a place where theatre actors perform.
The audience /'ɔːdiəns/: spectators.

a) Where are Jenny and Jonas? In the classroom / At a concert / At a Spelling Bee competition.
b) What are they doing here? They are in the audience / They are contestants / They are judges.

Listen to the recording once again. Pay attention to the Spelling Bee contest rules. Find out the words to complete the sentences.

When we say the word you must spell:

1. you can ask us to R E A the word;

2. you can ask for the D F I O N of the word;

3. you can ask us to S it in a sentence. You must speak L U and C E because we can’t ask you to R the word! If the spelling is C O T, a judge will N G the bell or say “C ” and you must go back to your seat on stage; if you misspell the word, you are E L T D and you must go sit in the audience.

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Se présenter avec BE

Observe : What is your name? My name is Jenny. How old are you? I am 11 years old.

Réfléchis :
Souligne les sujets en rouge et les verbes BE en vert.

Conclus :
Pour poser une question avec BE, on utilise : 
Mot interrogatif + + + compléments ?
Pour répondre à une question avec BE, on utilise :
Sujet + + compléments.
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Mission 1

Your mission is to...

Choose your level:

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