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Into the deep…


Into the deep…

Get ready

Read the question: "How can you give a voice to the past?". Spot the verb and modal, the nouns, and the interrogative pronoun.

Fill in the table with the words depending on their categories.

    Voice The past

    Select the elements which help us to “hear” voices from the past:

    Brainstorm from the title of the chapter.

    What can you find into the sea? Into the deep Is it scary? Why?
    = into the sea

    Check with this table what you already know.

    Today, can you... Prove it! 🙂 🙁
    name family members and things? Complete the list: father,
    describe people? She / he has . It is
    link and oppose ideas? Use and / but ➝
    talk about past legends? Once upon a time,

    Observe and listen

    Look at the photograph of the Titanic Museum. What does this building look like?

    Graphique lié à l'exercice 1

    Titanic Museum, designed by Eric Khune and Associates, Belfast, 2012.

    Can you imagine why?

    Listen to the audio guide and select the words you can hear.

    Audio guide

    Fill in the blanks to sum up.

    This is (name of the building), opened in (year) in (city). It looks like a or an . Inside you can find nine interactive which tell people about the sights, sounds, smells and of the .

    Fill with the right answer.

    a) What happened to the Titanic? (She collided with an iceberg / She disappeared in a storm).
    b) What was her intended destination? (England / France / The USA).
    c) The movie Titanic is (very famous / unknown).
    d) This movie was (a huge success / a big failure).

    Let’s have fun

    Listen to the poem and pick out the stressed syllables.

    Song about the Titanic

    “The Titanic Song”

    It was sad when that great ship went down,
    Husbands and wives
    And little children lost their lives,
    It was sad when that great ship went down.

    Spot the rhymes.

    Repeat and record yourself.
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