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Unravelling the mystery

Mission 2

Unravelling the mystery

Did you know?

1. Did all the events in the movie really happen? .
2. Who starred in Titanic? , , or .
3. How many Oscars did this movie win? , or

Learning more

Look at the photograph and indicate how these people are probably related to each other. Then, describe them.
💡 Tip: The man is wearing a jacket / a suit / a tie… The man on the left is probably... He is wearing...

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Listen and find out who the mystery passenger is. Explain how these people are related to her.

Learning more

Memories from the past

Look at the picture and match each sticker to a character.

A rich housewife

An elegant father

A very young child

A girl with long hair

A child who looks tired

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Complete the sentences to describe the survivors’ families.

a) The young child on the photo must be Frank’s .
b) The two adults on the photo are Eva’s .

Complete the text with the information you can find in your textbook.

a) Frank Goldsmith was born on . His parents wanted to (verb) to the USA. He got married in . He died on .
b) Eva Hart was an (nationality) girl. She went on the Titanic when she was years old. She became a and a .

Listen to the story of this woman and complete the form.

Memories from the past

Name: Nickname: Milvina
Date of birth: Date of death:
Nationality: Age on the Titanic:
Reason for the trip Jobs (2 answers):
Class on the Titanic: Brothers & sisters:

Story of a life

Read the text, then answer the quiz.

Margaret Tobin Brown was born on July 18 1867 in Missouri. She was the daughter of John and Johanna Tobin. She had two brothers, Daniel and William, and one sister, Helen. At 18, she met James Brown, and married in 1886. They had two children, Lawrence and Catherine and separated in 1909. In 1912, Margaret traveled to Egypt and Europe. On April 10 1912 she boarded on the Titanic and survived. During her life she fought for the rights of workers and women. Margaret died on October 26 1932.

a) Where was Margaret born? (New York / Colorado / Missouri).
b) How old was Margaret when she met James?  (1st class / 2nd class / 3rd class).
c) Where did Margaret travel? (To Europe / To Africa / To Asia).
d) Who did she fight for? (Minorities / Workers / Women).

Read again and make a timeline of Margaret’s life.

Dates July 18th 1867 April 10th to April 15th 1912
Events Meeting with J. Brown Separation Trip to Europe and Egypt Death of Margaret

Fill in Margaret's family tree.
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La prononciation de \i:\, \ɪ\ et \aɪ\


Listen: Titanic, leave, sink, survivors, ship, sheep.

Réfléchis : Écoute. Un même son peut-il s’écrire différemment? Trouve un exemple.


Répète : hit - heat - leave - live - life.


Le génitif

Observe : Eva’s father died on the Titanic.

Réfléchis : Comment traduirais-tu « Eva’s father » ? Le père d’Eva ou Eva et son père ?

Conclus : Le « ’s » sert à marquer le lien de parenté ou à traduire « et » ?

Mission 2

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