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Iconic Charlie Chaplin
Activity 4

Iconic Charlie Chaplin

Group 1: The lion cage scene

The Circus</i>, by Charlie Chaplin, 1928

Group 2: The cooking scene

The Kid, by Charlie 
Chaplin, 1921

Group 3: The factory scene

Modern Times, by Charlie 
Chaplin, 1936

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You are in charge of one poster and video only.

Worbook p. 80

What makes your poster typical of silent cinema? Look at the two others. Which one appeals to you the most? Why?

Watch the video of the scene.

a. Summarize the action in three sentences.

b. List the characteristics of silent movies you notice in it.

Useful vocabulary: I like it / It appeals to me because…
The music…
The actor’s facial expression…
It’s funny / comical / poignant / exciting because….

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the  other films.

Give your opinion. Say what you liked or disliked. What makes it a “typical” silent movie scene?

Which of these films have you already seen or would you like to see?

Useful vocabulary: Chaplin uses… to show…
I liked / appreciated…
This film is famous for…
It was well done / ridiculous / hilarious / clumsy because…

Your time to shine!

Present the film in a 1-minute podcast.
Select one film above.
Search for information about it.
Find about the circumstances of the filming, the impact on Chaplin’s career and the message he tried to convey.

Useful vocabulary: The movie was nominated for… It won an award for…
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Phonology tip

Phonology tip

Ch /tʃ/ se prononce comme une petite explosion, comme s’il y avait un t invisible devant le ch.

Ex : Charlie chooses cheese and cherries.

Exercices p. 176
Précis phonologique p. 256

Over to you!

The many challenges of making a talkie

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

Write a short entry into a movie wiki database about silent movies. How did Hollywood studios use to make silent films?

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