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Activity 4

Into the wild

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What’s the heroine’s goal in this journey?

How would you describe her experience of nature?

What feelings or emotions does she experience?

Useful vocabulary: She wants to test her limits…
She must feel quite lonely as she is...
She feels... She experiences...

Over to you!

Writers’ journeys West

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 4
and / or
Activity 5

Imagine you are Walt Whitman, America’s songwriter or Jack Kerouac and write an additional stanza or paragraph to one of the excerpts above.

Make sure you describe what you see, discover and feel on your westward journey.
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Wild, official trailer.


  • confused / mixed up (adj.)
  • hostile / rough (adj.)
  • be on one’s own / alone (exp.)
  • set out on a journey (exp.)
  • take up a challenge (exp.)
  • landscape / a hike (n.)
  • encounter / meet (v.)
  • hike / a hike / go hiking (v.)
  • make mistakes (v.)
  • reflect on / upon (v.)
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Present the video.

What kind of person is the heroine (age, social background, state of mind…)?

What can you gather about her life back home thanks to the flashbacks?

Useful vocabulary: She sets on a journey / trip…
She decides to reconnect with herself by V-ing...

Let's learn!

Q & A

The class is divided into groups: some will ask questions about the trailer while the others will answer them.
Use as much vocabulary from the toolbox as possible.

Wild, by Jean-Marc Vallée, 2014.
Wild, by Jean-Marc Vallée, 2014.

Grammar in progress

L’expression du but

You need to walk a thousand miles to…

a. Complétez cette phrase extraite de la vidéo avec un verbe, puis traduisez-la.

b. Quelles expressions similaires permettent d’exprimer le but ?

Exercices p. 146 Précis grammatical p. 281

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

Can you identify with the heroine?

Would you be ready to live the same experience? Why? Why not?

To what extent can nature help one to get back on track?

Useful vocabulary: I think... I believe… I’m convinced…
I would like to say that… Nature may… It allows / enables us to...


Watch the trailer.
Then, click on your path!


Workbook p. 69
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