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Chapter 0

Prologue: Looking forward, looking back!

What memories will you have of your time at school?
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Poem: "My last year of school"
The audio guide to the painting

Today you can…

  • talk about yourself in the present,
  • share your likes and dislikes,
  • introduce someone,
  • tell stories with the simple past,
  • make hypotheses with if.

Tomorrow you will…

  • discuss your plans for the future,
  • talk about imaginary ideas,
  • use superlatives to compare people,
  • imagine your life in the future,
  • find out about yearbooks.

Mission 1

Recite your Chinese portrait

  • Talk about yearbooks.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Read a poem.

Mission 2

Write a mini biography

  • Discuss yearbooks.
  • Read a form.
  • Listen to a conversation.

Final Challenge

Write a friend’s yearbook profile

  • Write a profile.
  • Recite a poem.
  • Play Guess Who?

Tomorrow you will…

Tomorrow you will…