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Chapter 1

Your choice, your voice!

What does it mean to be a citizen?
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Today you can…

  • talk about yourself and your feelings,
  • share your likes and dislikes,
  • give advice,
  • talk using simple sentences.

Tomorrow you will…

  • talk about your personality,
  • describe your habits,
  • talk about rights and duties,
  • use gap fillers,
  • discover the basics of civic engagement.

Mission 1

Make a speech for the class president campaign

  • Describe your best friend.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Brainstorm about student councils.

Mission 2

Create a student council

  • Debate the best school emblems.
  • Read about school committees.
  • Listen to a podcast.

Final challenge

Post a tweet

  • Write a short message.
  • Take part in an election debate.
  • Deliver a speech.

Tomorrow you will…

Tomorrow you will…