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Mission 1

Are you lost?

Compétence : Écrire et réagir à l'écrit : j'écris pour raconter et décrire.

Did you know?

Madame Tussauds is a London museum with wax statues of many celebrities (James Bond, Queen Elizabeth II, etc.). It also exists in 13 other cities in the world from Sydney to Las Vegas. What about Paris?

01A wonderful city


03Travelling in London

The London Underground was the first underground railway network in the world. It opened in 1863. Today, there are 270 stations and 400 km of tracks. There are 11 lines, each with a different colour. The London Underground is also known as the Tube because of its circular shape (it looks like a tube). Londoners use a travel card called “Oyster card” to take the Underground and buses, but sportier people don’t use public transportation and get around by bike. Did you know that for two days, in October 2016, carriages drawn by unicorns replaced taxis in the streets of London? London is fun, isn’t it?


Pronounce /ʌ/

I love double-decker buses in London!
Whisper: My young cousin Jason loves London!



Observe: Take Great George Street. Keep walking on Birdcage Walk.

Think: Spot the verbs. What do these sentences express?

Practise: Tell a new pupil how to go from the English classroom to the cafeteria.

Send an itinerary by SMS

Send an itinerary by SMS
Anglais, britannique - Emma image décorative du drapeau anglais

Send an itinerary by SMS

Mark is at the British Museum and Jenny sends him the itinerary to Madame Tussauds by SMS. Use FakeIphonetext.
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