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Getting around London!


Getting around London!

Today you can...

     describe with there is and there are,
     use some basic polite phrases,
     talk about present activities,
     say what you like or dislike.

Tomorrow you will...

     describe with there was and there were,
     ask questions politely,
     talk about the past,
     give your impressions,
    ✈️ discover the British capital city.

Why is london such a unique city?

Why is london such a unique city?

Audio guide

Audio guide


Mission 1

Send an itinerary by SMS

  • Describe pictures.
  • Listen to a conversation.
  • Read an article.

Mission 2

Record a message for your friend

  • Comment on a book cover.
  • Listen to a guide.
  • Read a message.

Final challenge

Design an interactive map of London

  • Create a London guide.
  • Make a London transport tutorial.
  • Roleplay a phone conversation.
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