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Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Where does the idea of home exchange come from? Paris, Los Angeles or Switzerland?
2. Does it help people to travel, buy a house or build one?
3. Which are the most attractive cities? Paris and New York, London and Liverpool or Berlin and Tokyo?

01Meet Iris and Amanda

Meet Iris and Amanda

Amanda: I’m interested in renting your house. Is it still available?
Iris: I’m interested but the cottage is only available for home exchange. We switch houses, cars, everything. Where are you?
Amanda: L.A.
Iris: Wow, I’ve never been there but always wanted to go. I’m Iris, I’m very normal, healthy and single. I’m a non-smoker.
Amanda: Hi, I’m Amanda. Your house looks idyllic. Just what I need.
Iris: Really? What does your house look like?
Amanda: My place is nice… A little bigger than yours.

02From London to L.A.

03Let’s swap our houses!


Dire « Il y a... »

Observe : There are six bedrooms. There is a kitchen. There isn’t a shower.

Réfléchis : a) Repère l’auxiliaire BE dans les phrases ci-dessus. b) Combien y-a-t-il de chambres ? Une seule (singulier) ou plusieurs (pluriel) ? c) Combien y-a-t-il de cuisines ? Une seule (singulier) ou plusieurs (pluriel) ?

Conclus : Pour dire « Il y a », j’utilise there ... + singulier et there ... + pluriel.
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Exercice 1 : Meet Iris and Amanda

Question 1


Look at the document and fill in with the correct answer.

Question 2

Use a dictionary to match the words to their definitions.

Question 3


Read the chat: Amanda and Iris don’t give the same pieces of information. Tick the cells you can fill in and then, complete them.

Question 4

Click on the words to define “swap”.
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