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Final challenge

Final challenge

Final challenge

Personal challenge

Make a video to present your house on the home-swapping site.

Create a mindmap with the help of your textbook. In the middle, write the title of the challenge. Then, complete each part of the map.

Cultural references
Grammar and words I need
What I mustn't do
What I may do
What I must do

Dessinez ici

Personal challenge

Write a review from Edinburgh.

After your stay, write a comment about the house you stayed in. Add many details.

Write the words you know in the instructions above and choose the right propositions.

The words I know: 

a) I must  (speak. / write. / interview.)
b) My message must be  (long. / short.)
c) It is for  (your blog. / the home-swapping website. / a book.)
d) I should tell the users  (if the house is comfortable. / about the weather in Scotland.)

My review:

Points à traiter Coups de pouce
Je décris la maison avec des phrases simples. J'utilise there is/are.
Je donne mon avis sur la maison. J'utilise des verbes d'opinions : I think, I find, etc. et des adjectifs : convenient, tiny, bright.

Group challenge

A spooky phone conversation.

Phone Mr MacDonald to ask for details about his house. Don't forget to ask about the ghosts!

Relève les mots que tu connais dans la consigne.

Identifie ta tâche finale. Qu'attend-on de toi ?

Enregistreur audio

Points à traiter Amorces pour le futur locataire Amorces pour Mr MacDonald
Je commence et je termine une conversation téléphonique. Hello...
This is...
I'm calling about...
Thanks, bye.
(« oui » en écossais)
Thank you very much
Have a nice day.
Je demande des détails sur la maison. Is there... ?
Are there... ?
There is...
There are...
Je demande des détails sur les fantômes. Are they... (adjectif)?
What are they... (V-ing)?
They are... (adjectif)
They are... (V-ing)
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