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Countdown to Christmas

Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Christmas Day is on December 24th, on December 25th or on January 1st?
2. Christmas is a civil or religious tradition?
3. Christmas is celebrated in the same way all around the world. Right or wrong?





Christmas in the UK

British people decorate their Christmas tree and use holly or mistletoe to decorate their homes. They often attend Nativity Plays and Carol Services. Children await Father Christmas who brings them presents. He places them in stockings hung by their beds and then eats mince pies and drinks brandy that children offer him. Children write letters to him and burn them!

On Christmas day, for lunch, British people eat roast turkey, often served with bread sauce, with vegetables like carrots and peas or Brussel sprouts. Dessert is often Christmas Pudding.

Christmas in the USA

American people decorate their Christmas trees with pop-corn threaded on string.

They often decorate their gardens with lights and gigantic statues of Santa, snowmen and reindeers. Many churches have special Christmas Carol services and events where the story of Christmas is told. Many children believe in Santa Claus and they leave some cookies and glasses of milk as a snack for him. Children write and send letters to Santa Claus, to the North Pole.

On Christmas day, for lunch, American people often eat turkey with cranberry sauce.

Up to you!

A1 On the five days of Christmas, my best friend gave to me...
A1+ A puppy in a purple box...
A2 Ten geeks a-geeking.
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