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Speak English in the classroom
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Speak English in the classroom

At the beginning of the lesson / the class

  • Hello!
  • Good morning!
  • Good afternoon!
  • I’m sorry I’m late. Can I please come in?
  • Please forgive my being late.
  • I’m very sorry, I’ve forgotten my notebook / textbook.

You need help with some vocabulary

  • I can’t find the words… Let me think…
  • How do you say “...” in English? What’s the English for “...”? What does “…” mean?
  • How do you spell “…”? How do you pronounce “…”?
  • Can you write that on the board please?

Giving or asking for clarification

  • Is it my turn?
  • What do we have to do?
  • What shall I do next?
  • I can’t read what is written.
  • Do you see what I mean?
  • Do I make myself clear?

Other requests

  • Could you step aside, please? I cannot see the board.
  • Please don’t erase the board yet.
  • May I open the window?
  • Can you draw the curtains?
  • Can you lower the blinds?
  • I feel sick. Can I go to the nurse’s office?
  • May I leave, I have an appointment with the education counsellor / the careers counsellor at 10.30 am?

At the end of the class

  • Do we have homework to do?
  • When is it due?
  • When is our next lesson?
  • Do we have to send it by email or hand it over to you?
  • Have a nice day / weekend.
  • See you soon! See you next week!
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