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Speak English with your classmates
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Speak English with your classmates

Collaborating / helping

  • I don’t understand.
  • I think I understand what she means, let me explain it to you…
  • Could you speak slower / louder?
  • Do you need help?
  • Maybe I can help you with that... / Let me help you.
  • Can you please repeat?
  • Can you help me?
  • Can you speak up?
  • Could I borrow your ... ?
  • Could you lend me your ... ?

Working together

  • Let’s do it / find out!
  • What about you? What do you think?
  • You start.
  • Which role are you going to take?
  • Can you explain what you mean?
  • Whose turn is it?
  • Do you agree?
  • I agree / I disagree with this idea.
  • I understand / I see.
  • Great idea!
  • Let’s write it down.
  • Do you want me to take notes?
  • How much time do we have left?
  • We should hurry!
  • I'm ready to recap what we said…
  • I want to volunteer to recap.
  • I will sum up what we said: …
  • We did reach an agreement: …
  • Any comments? Any questions?

Giving feedback

  • That was clear / convincing / impressive.
  • I really liked when you said that…
  • I really loved the way she...
  • I was really impressed by how he explained...
  • That was crystal clear!
  • It reminded me of...
  • You could have been more precise. For example, ...
  • You forgot to mention that…
  • We can add that…
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