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Black Lives Matter

Unit 13

Black Lives Matter

nuage de mots

Get ready! Look at this word cloud and listen to the pronunciation of the words. Then, use the words to make suppositions about the video.

Word cloud

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a. Watch the video
. Say whether these statements are true or false. Justify with keywords.

1) Obama thought he only had a 20‑25% chance of winning the election.

2) Obama knew it would be difficult to get white support.

3) It is easier for Obama to be around white people than it is for his wife, Michelle.

4) Obama thought his age may harm his chances of election.

5) Obama has never left the United States.

b. Pick out people mentioned in the video. Why does he refer to them?

Family members Others

c. According to Barack Obama, why are race relations still a problem in general?

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What is the goal of this video? Justify with elements from the video.

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    Let's recap! Sum up the video in your own words. What made Obama an exceptional candidate for this job?

    Useful vocabulary: The video under study deals with... We have learned that... It is interesting to note that...

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