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1. Identities and Exchanges
Ch. 1
The Canadian Tale
Ch. 2
Go Greek!
2. Private and Public Spheres
Ch. 3
Is It a Man’s World?
Ch. 4
The Roaring Twenties
3. Art and Power
Ch. 5
A Camera of Her Own
Ch. 6
A Never-Ending (Hi)story?
Ch. A
Conscious Art
4. Citizenship and Virtual Worlds
Ch. 7
To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
Ch. B
Digital Passports at Risk...
Ch. C
May I Borrow This?
5. Fiction and Realities
Ch. 8
Chivalry Isn’t Dead!
Ch. 9
It’s GoT to Be Shakespeare!
6. Scientific Innovations and Responsibility
Ch. 10
Breaking the Code
Ch. 11
Green Waves
Ch. D
To Infinity and Beyond!
7. Diversity and Inclusion
Ch. 12
Multicultural New Zealand
Ch. 13
Black Lives Matter
8. Territory and Memory
Ch. 14
Lighting Up Africa
Ch. 15
American Vibes
Méthode : Les épreuves de Terminale
Unit 15
Activity 1

An Era of Transgression

Group 1

The spirit of Woodstock lives on, 50 years after the most famous rock festival ever drew between 400,000 and 500,000 young rock music fans to a farm in upstate New York on a mid-August weekend in 1969.

Together, they made history, overcoming rain, mud and an alarming lack of any infrastructure. They were fueled by a palpable sense of “we-areone” unity — and performances by nearly three dozen acts, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Santana. […]

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk is equally aware of Woodstock's impact, even though he was only a year old when the festival took place.

“It was definitely a very perfect storm of musical talent, political movement and unrest,” Hawk, 51, said. “So it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Those sentiments are shared by two Woodstock veterans — Tijuana-bred guitarist Carlos Santana and Sha Na Na leader John “Jocko” Marcellino, who was just 19 when his band played the festival.

“I tell people Woodstock was the best of times and the worst of times,” said La Jolla resident Marcellino. “All these people cooperated and made what could have been a disaster into a great success. It was the birth of ‘Woodstock Nation'.”

“Woodstock changed my life,” said Santana, 71. […] “Because of Woodstock, I was able to witness firsthand that a mass number of humans can co-exist in harmony,” Santana said.

“The festival took place at the end of a strong, volatile decade in American culture, with the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and John and Robert Kennedy, the mass protests against the war in Vietnam, the police violence in Chicago […], the women's liberation movement. That was when ‘Woodstock Nation' was born.” […]

But with or without a festival next month, Woodstock's 50th anniversary is already being commemorated in multiple ways.
George Varga,
“Woodstock, 50 years later, a landmark festival and a cautionary tale”, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2019.

Exercise 1

Pick out elements to fill in these categories.

People interviewedHistory of America and Woodstock Nation

Exercise 2

Outline the structure of the article.





Exercise 3

Is this article biased or unbiased?

Group 2

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant .

Exercise 1

a. Watch the , then put these words in the right category. Add other keywords from the video.

What happened in the 50sWhat happened in the 60sThe hippie culture

a. Pick out the name of a person, one date and two places. What do they correspond to?

1. Person ➜

2. Date ➜

3. Places ➜

Exercise 2

Outline the structure of the video.

Exercise 3

What can be said about the tone of the narrator?

Group 1 & 2

Let's recap!

Use everything you learned to present and sum up your document.

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