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1. Identities and Exchanges
Ch. 1
The Canadian Tale
Ch. 2
Go Greek!
2. Private and Public Spheres
Ch. 3
Is It a Man’s World?
Ch. 4
The Roaring Twenties
3. Art and Power
Ch. 5
A Camera of Her Own
Ch. 6
A Never-Ending (Hi)story?
Ch. A
Conscious Art
4. Citizenship and Virtual Worlds
Ch. 7
To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
Ch. B
Digital Passports at Risk...
Ch. C
May I Borrow This?
5. Fiction and Realities
Ch. 8
Chivalry Isn’t Dead!
Ch. 9
It’s GoT to Be Shakespeare!
6. Scientific Innovations and Responsibility
Ch. 10
Breaking the Code
Ch. 11
Green Waves
Ch. D
To Infinity and Beyond!
7. Diversity and Inclusion
Ch. 12
Multicultural New Zealand
Ch. 13
Black Lives Matter
8. Territory and Memory
Ch. 14
Lighting Up Africa
Ch. 15
American Vibes
Méthode : Les épreuves de Terminale
Unit 15
Activity 2

A Means of Telling Stories

Group 1

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document en cliquant .

Exercise 1

a. Pick out numbers, places and names to present the (where? when? theme?).

b. Who are the speakers? What do they have to say? Why?

Person 1Person 2

Exercise 2

What can you notice about the organization of the interview?

Exercise 3

What is the objective of this interview? Pick out two words to prepare your answer.

Group 2

More than a century before rap exploded onto the American music scene, West African musicians were telling stories rhythmically, with just the beat of a drum for accompaniment. Meanwhile, folk artists from the Caribbean Islands were also telling stories in rhyme. Indeed, these singing poets from Africa and the Caribbean lay the foundation for modern‑day American rap music.

Rapping essentially involves the speaking or chanting of rhyming lyrics, often set to a beat. The rhyming created by rappers is considered by many to be one of the most sophisticated styles of poetry. What's more, these rhymes often address provocative subjects such as sex, violence and socio‑political issues.

Rapping first gained popularity in the U.S. in the 1970s as a kind of street art, especially among African‑American teenagers. But it wasn't until 1979 […] that record producers took notice of this emerging musical genre. Once they did, numerous rap acts surfaced, and rap's audience began to swell. It wasn't just African‑American male rappers getting in on the act, either: by the 1980s, white rap bands […] and female rap […] bands were reaching the top of the charts.

By the 1990s, rap matured from an old‑schoolstyle – which was based on relatively simple lyrics – to a new‑school‑style, which was louder and included more complex lyrics. Artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg and Tupac ruled the charts during this time, as did Eminem – one of the most popular white rappers of all time.

Rap has stood the test of time and its popularity rages on with today's artists such as 50 Cent, Ludacris and Jay-Z churning out hit after thought‑provoking hit. The beat truly does go on.
“History of Rap Music”,

Exercise 1

a. What does this article report on?

b. What definition is given to rap music?

c. Who are the speakers?


Exercise 2

Come up with an appropriate title for each paragraph.






Exercise 3

What does this article aim at doing?

Group 3

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant .

Exercise 1

Focus on what you see: describe the images in P!nk's . (Who? What? Where? How? Why?)

Exercise 2

a. Focus on the lyrics. Pick out as many words as possible and classify them according to their endings.


b. Who is P!nk addressing?

Exercise 3

a. What are the sentences repeated throughout the song? What effect does it produce?

b. What is P!nk calling for in the lyrics?

Group 1, 2 & 3

Let's recap!

How does American music use storytelling to convey a political message? Give examples.

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