Anglais Cycle 4

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The Great History Quiz!

Mission 1

The Great History Quiz!


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Did you know?

William is called Guillaume in France! Some English names have a French equivalent: Stephen becomes Étienne (Esteban in Spanish). And nicknames are used too: Prince Harry’s official name is Prince Henry! What else do you know about Britain?

Exercice 1 : Before the Normans…

Describe each drawing.

Try and guess the dates of each period.

Look for 3 other key periods in British history and create a timeline.

Before the Normans

Exercice 2 : Mr Cray’s crash course

What does the picture show?

What is the main subject of this lesson? Focus on the questions that you hear.

Spot the Normans and the Saxons on the picture.

Find other tapestry segments and describe them to the class.

The Battle of Hastings, a segment of the Bayeux Tapestry

Mr Cray’s crash course

Mr Cray’s crash course

Exercice 3 : Make it right!

Watch the video. What is it about?

Mr Cray gave the students a paper about 1066. Lawrence’s dog played with it and tore it up. Help him collect the pieces and recreate the story.

Now, create a timeline of the events!

Potion Pictures/Youtube

Make it right!

On 6 January 1066, Harold became King of England.

The Normans killed King Harold. But how did he die? Some say that he was killed by an arrow to the eye, or hacked by a Norman knight. When Harold died, the battle was over.

On 5 January 1066, King Edward the Confessor died.

Harold Godwinson went to Normandy. Harold's ship landed in Ponthieu, north of Normandy, the land of the fierce Count Guy. Count Guy's soldiers captured Harold.

On 14 October 1066, the Battle of Hastings began. The air filled with arrows and lances. The English soldiers, who were all on foot, protected themselves with a wall of shields. The lower border of the tapestry is filled with dead and injured soldiers.

William decided to attack England.




When did the Battle of Hastings take place? Did Harold die during the Battle of Hastings?


What did the Normans wear? Did the Saxons hold weapons?


Simple past questions

Observe: When did the Battle of Hastings happen? When was William’s coronation?

Think: Spot the verb and the auxiliaries. What is the difference?

Practise: Ask your classmate questions about what he / she did yesterday.

Who was William I?

Who was William I?

Create a quiz

Use Kahoot. In pairs, create a quiz on 1066.

How far can you go?

A1+ I can write yes/no questions.
A2 I can write a variety of questions in the past tense.
A2+ I can also propose answers.
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