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Think about it

Think about it

Think about it

Exercice 1

Place the words in the correct order to make sentences.



        Exercice 2

        Transform these sentences from the active voice to the passive voice. 
        Children mine the minerals. ➝ The minerals are mined by children.

        Consumers buy many high-tech products.

        Children’s charities raise lots of money.

        Exercice 3

        Conjugate the verbs in the present simple or with would BV in this text.

        Before, Sami (work) every day in a dangerous factory - he (make) clothes from 6 in the morning to 9 at night. Now, he (go) to school and (eat) a hot meal every day.

        Exercice 4

        Match the two parts of each sentence.
          Michelle Obama has been fighting for girls’ rights since
          Save the Children has been raising awareness for
          Imala has been working in the mines since
          Janet has been volunteering for

          Exercice 5

          Complete the sentences with BV, V-ing or V-ed.

          We can all make a difference and help stop child labour. What about (raise) awareness by running a marathon? Or you could offer your time: why don’t you (volunteer) for a local charity? What about (buy) only fair-trade products or even (boycott) certain manufacturers? What if we all  (take) a stand? We could end child labour together.
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