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Treasure trove

Treasure trove

Treasure trove

Exercice 1

Find the odd one out and match a title with each list: Dishonest behaviour / The perpetrator / The clues.

Killer. / Murderer. / Victim. / Hitman.

The odd one: 
Title of the list: 

Reliable. / Menacing. / Distrustful. / Suspicious.

The odd one: 
Title of the list: 

CCTV pictures. / Footprint. / Fingers. / Blood stain.

The odd one: 
Title of the list:

Exercice 2

Match each picture with the corresponding definition.

Graphique lié à l'exercice 1
Graphique lié à l'exercice 2
Graphique lié à l'exercice 3
Graphique lié à l'exercice 4

    Image Object Description
    Security cameras.
    The cutting part of a knife.
    The act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them.
    Scientific methods and techniques used for the investigation of crime.

    Exercice 3

    Complete this police report.

      Last night, the
      Brian O’Neill was found in his flat by two
      . The body was examined by
      and the room was searched for

      are the neighbours and the wife but the
      is still on the run.

      Exercice 4

      Describe the scene in detail and make hypotheses about the culprit.


      Graphique lié à l'exercice 5

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