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Final challenge

Final challenge

Final challenge

Group challenge

Present your food truck to a jury of experts!

In groups, create a mindmap with the help of your textbook. In the middle, write the title of the challenge. Then, each of you will be in charge of a part ot the map.

What I may do
What I Must do
Tips on phonology
What I mustn't do
Grammar and words I will need
Cultural references I should add.

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Personal challenge

Create an ad for New York radio 106.7 Lite FM!

You want to advertise your truck on the radio. Tell people where and who you are, what food you sell and why they should come today!

Note the words you recognise in the instructions and choose the right propositions.

The words I know: 

I must .

b) The ad will be broadcast on

c) I must specify ).

d) I must

Group challenge

Open a new food truck.

Write a text conversation with your associates to open a food truck. Discuss your business plan! Will you agree in the end?

Dans la consigne, relève l’idée de départ, puis le défi à relever, et ce qu’il faut faire à la fin.

Identifie la tâche finale. Qu’attend-on de toi ?

Points à traiter Amorces
Je présente mon idée en justifiant avec mes gouts culinaires. I want to... because I’m crazy about... We’d like... for...
Je propose des idées. How about...? Why don’t we...?
Je réagis aux propositions. How...! = That’s so...! / What a...! = It’s such a...!
J’essaye de convaincre les autres. We have to... / should... / could...
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