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Think before you post!


Think before you post!

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Audio guide

Audio guide

Poem: "Wo Needs Patience When You've Got a Cell Phone?!"

Poem: "Wo Needs Patience When You've Got a Cell Phone?!"

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Who Needs Patience When You’ve Got a Cell Phone?

“Who Needs Patience When You’ve Got a Cell Phone?”

From the moment I wake ’til the moment I sleep,
I won’t have to be bored- I can Chat, Post and Tweet!
I can Skype on the road while I’m driving to work,
Or get on YouTube to watch Miley twerk.
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Exercice 1 : Get ready

Read the question: "How do new technologies influence our behaviour?". Classify the words in the following chart.

Interrogative pronoun Auxiliary Subject Verb Complement

Highlight the words related to new technologies.

Reformulate the initial question using the following words.

  • in what way
  • impact
  • actions
We consider
new technologies have an
on our 

Do you ask yourself these questions before you post something online?

Check with this table what you already know.

Today, can you… Prove it! 🙂 🙁
share your opinion? I think...
give advice and instructions? You can... You should...
recount past actions? Yesterday, I...

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Exercice 2 : Observe and listen

Look at the girl on the picture.

a) What could make you think she’s real? 
b) The message on the wall represents what the girl is (writing on a paper / thinking / texting).
c) What did the girl want to write? .
d) Was it (positive / negative)?

Now listen to the audio guide. What’s the name of this type of art?

Here are some more auto-correct “fails”. Correct the messages.

Julia: Hey! You left your goat in my car. 
Alison: O.k. I’ll come get it. Where’s ur horse
Julia: On Main Street. Next to the shoe ship
Alison: OMG! My bf loves on the same road! 

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Exercice 3 : Let’s have fun

Listen to the recording. Pick out the words which rhyme with different colours.

How do you pronounce the word “chat”?

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