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Welcome to my (dream) school!

Mission 1

Welcome to my (dream) school!

Did you know?

1. School are all free in the US.
2. How expensive can schools be in the US? , or
3. In England, public schools are open to everybody.
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Around the world

Match each sticker with the corresponding floor.
<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 2</stamp>

Ground floor

Upper floor

Second floor

Imagine the organisation of the floating school. a) Where do the lessons take place? b) Where could the playground be?

Listen and spot the main elements of this audio document. Fill in the blanks.

Around the world

a) Amir is in  whereas Elijah is in . They are both on  with their .
b) There are floating schools in Amir's home country because of  (bloods / floods / crowds).

Compare the equipment of the floating school with British & American schools equipment.

Floating school British & American schools
Number of pupils
Number of desks
Number of computers
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An incredible school

Look at the picture. What makes this school so cool?
<stamp theme='esp-blue'>Doc. 4</stamp>

    The architecture is
    The colours are
    The floor pillows are
    The wood is
    The students look
    The round shapes are

    Imagine incredible rooms you want to find in your dream school. Vote for the best ideas! See Grammar.

    Nap room 🛌 Night club 💃🏻
    Swimming-pool 🏊 Incredible rooms in my dream school Video games room 🎮
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    Follow the rules

    Read the rules. Do you think they are ridiculous? Why?

    Rules Ridiculous (yes or no)? Because...
    Eat Activia yoghurts.
    Speak about snakes.
    Read a Harry Potter book.

    Watch the video. What do the students do in the playground? Choose the right answer(s).


    a) They roam around with (shoes. / no shoes. / flip flops.) 
    b) They climb (buildings. / fences. / trees.)
    c) They ride (tricycles. / bikes. / motorbikes.)

    Watch the video again. Answer by right or wrong.

    a) Pupils have to hide to do these things.
    b) The parents make the rules before school.
    c) During play sessions, there are basically no rules. 
    d) Parents hate it.
    e) Teachers don’t help students if they need help. 

    Why is this school atypical? Fill in the blanks with can or can't.

    a) In the playground, pupils do whatever they want.
    b) For example, they fight and they make weapons.
    c) They also climb trees but they ask for adults to help them.
    d) So they learn by themselves what is good for them.

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    Listen: How funny it is! Not at all, you silly boy!

    Réfléchis : Repère les signes de ponctuation.
    En fin de phrase, la voix est-elle montante ou descendante ?


    Répète : We can go to bed during recess!
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    Comment faire une description ?

    Observe : There is a nap room in this school! There isn’t any in mine! There are some floating schools in Nigeria.

    Réfléchis : Quand emploie-t-on there is ?
    Quand emploie-t-on there are ? Au pluriel, au singulier ?

    Conclus : On utilise there is mais there are . À la forme négative on ajoute après BE.
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    Mission 1

    Your first mission consists in...

    You will visit...

    Choose your level:

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