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1. Identities and Exchanges
Ch. 1
The Canadian Tale
Ch. 2
Go Greek!
2. Private and Public Spheres
Ch. 3
Is It a Man’s World?
Ch. 4
The Roaring Twenties
3. Art and Power
Ch. 5
A Camera of Her Own
Ch. 6
A Never-Ending (Hi)story?
Ch. A
Conscious Art
4. Citizenship and Virtual Worlds
Ch. 7
To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
Ch. B
Digital Passports at Risk...
Ch. C
May I Borrow This?
5. Fiction and Realities
Ch. 8
Chivalry Isn’t Dead!
Ch. 9
It’s GoT to Be Shakespeare!
6. Scientific Innovations and Responsibility
Ch. 10
Breaking the Code
Ch. 11
Green Waves
Ch. D
To Infinity and Beyond!
7. Diversity and Inclusion
Ch. 12
Multicultural New Zealand
Ch. 13
Black Lives Matter
8. Territory and Memory
Ch. 14
Lighting Up Africa
Ch. 15
American Vibes
Fiches Méthode
Précis culturel
Précis de communication
Précis phonologique
Précis grammatical
Verbes irréguliers
CECR et programme
Rabats & annexes
USA flag
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6 • Scientific Innovations and Responsibility
Unit D

To Infinity and Beyond!

Retrouvez en lien avec cette thématique.

Space conquest: a way to make money, a competition or a necessity?

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Serious game

Retrouvez un Genially pour rebrasser la séquence .
Locate the Best Mine Site in the Solar System
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Crédits : ConsenSys Space/DR
Locate the Best Mine Site in the Solar System, Planetary Resources, 2017.


Asteroid Mining, ExplainingTheFuture, 2014. (Timing: 00:40 to 03:20)
Get ready!
a. Look at the . Find a title for at least three categories.

b. Research the 1958 and 2015 Space Acts online. Why are they both relevant today?

Look at the infographic Locate the Best Mine Site in the Solar System.
a. Explain the different steps of the process in your own words.

b. Why is water important in space?

c. Does this document seem to support or oppose asteroid mining? Why or why not? Summarize it.

Watch the video.
How does asteroid mining work? Explain.

Discuss these brainstorming questions with your classmates:
Should space exploration be the exploit of one nation or of humanity as a whole? Could and should space exploration be a way to make money?

Read the . Rephrase it in your own words and give examples.


  • beneficial (adj.)
  • costly (adj.)
  • life-saving (adj.)
  • time-consuming (adj.)
  • growth (n.)

Let's learn!

Vocabulary challenge

Pick out three words from this page and prepare a definition for each. Make your classmates guess the words you selected.
Idiom of the week!

Space out

When you “space out”, it means you become distracted and are not fully focused on the world around you. The phrase suggests that your mind seems to drift away to the stars. This state can come as a result of tiredness.
Space out
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Space out
The Conquest of Space
  • big bang theory (exp.)
  • black hole (exp.)
  • inner / outer planets (exp.)
  • solar system (exp.)
  • constellation (n.)
  • Milky Way (n. pr.)
  • orbit (v.)

  • astronomical unit (exp.)
  • meteor shower (exp.)
  • eclipse /ɪˈklɪps/ (n.)
  • galaxy (n.)
  • nebula (n.)
  • sunspot (n.)
  • telescope (n.)

  • spacefaring (adj.)
  • agency → agencies (n.)
  • cooperation (n.)
  • diplomacy (n.)
  • Space Act (n. pr.)
  • Space Race (n. pr.)
  • treaty → treaties (n.)

  • undiscovered (adj.)
  • uncharted territory (exp.)
  • behavior /bɪˈhεɪvɪə/ (n.)
  • composition (n.)
  • core (n.)
  • structure (n.)
  • survival (n.)

  • crash (v.)
  • discover (v.)
  • land safely (v.)
  • orbit (v.)
  • send up (v.)
  • study (v.)
  • take off / launch /ˈlɔːnʃ/ (v.)

  • oxygen tank (exp.)
  • astronaut / spaceman / cosmonaut → crew (n.)
  • rover / exploration device (n.)
  • rocket / shuttle /ˈʃʌtl/ / ship (n.)
  • space suit /ˈsuːt/ (jetpacks, helmet, gloves /ˈglʌvz/) (n.)

On your way to the task

Step 1

Share a digital presentation for Space Day.

Step 2

React to a space project.

Step 3

Interview a movie director about her or his film.

Your final project

Express your opinion during the International Astronautical Congress.

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