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Developing social skills
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Activity 5

Developing social skills

Text A
Text A

Now researchers are turning to the educational and therapeutic uses of computers and video games. Specifically, studies have revealed that playing video games can develop eye-hand coordination and increase reaction times in younger players with the focus being on spatial visualization ability, which is the ability to mentally “see” and manipulate objects in two and three dimensions. In addition, a relatively new study has investigated how playing these action‑based video games can improve overall learning capabilities. The subjects involved in the study demonstrated increased levels of perception, attention and overall cognition in addition to improving the specific skills taught within the game.

“The Positive Effects of Gaming on the Brain”, Manuela Muroni,, 2017.
Text B
Text B

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (or “MMORPGs”), such as World of Warcraft, and social networking games, such as FarmVille, may improve players’ social skills and encourage pro-social behaviors. According to Isabela Granic in the journal American Psychologist, “[i]n these virtual social communities, decisions need to be made on the fly about whom to trust, whom to reject, and how to most effectively lead a group.” [...] She goes on to state that “[g]iven these immersive social contexts, we propose that gamers are rapidly learning social skills and pro-social behavior that might generalize to their peer and family relations outside the gaming environment.”

“The Many Social Benefits of Playing Video Games”, Jennifer Wilber,, 2018.
Text C
Text C

Previous research has made assumptions that gamers are socially inactive. However, [...] two-fifths of participants (39.3%) said they would discuss sensitive issues with their online gaming friends that they would not discuss with their real life friends. [...] The appeal of discussing issues, such as sexuality, lies in the ease and anonymity with which online seekers can obtain advice and reassurance, particularly regarding sensitive topic. Due to the age range of players, it is very easy to obtain advice from people who have more life experience.

“Social Interactions in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Gamers”, Helena Cole and Mark D. Griffiths, 2007.
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What are the positive skills developped by gamers?

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other texts.

What are the common points and the differences?

What assumptions surprise you the most? Why? What are the effects of gaming for you?

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