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Thème 1 : Generations living together
Ch. 1
Food for joy, food for ploy
Ch. 2
No future? No way!
Thème 2 : Working worlds
Ch. 3
Working in Silicon Valley
Ch. 4
STEM women rock!
Thème 3 : Neighbourhood, cities and villages
Ch. 5
Ticket to ride
Ch. 6
South Afri...cans
Ch. A
Dreaming city stories
Thème 4 : Representation of self and relationships with others
Ch. 7
Ch. 8
Look at me now!
Ch. B
Inking the Future
Thème 5 : Sports and society
Ch. 9
Spirit in motion
Ch. 10
Athletic Scholarship
Thème 6 : Creation and arts
Ch. 11
“You see but you don’t observe!”
Ch. C
Copying or denouncing?
Thème 7 : Saving the planet, designing possible futures
Ch. 13
Young voices of change
Ch. 14
Biomimicry: a sustainable solution?
Thème 8 : The past in the present
Ch. 15
Twisted Tales
Ch. 16
The Royals
Ch. D
All Hallows’ Eve
Unit 12
Activity 3

Writing a film review

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Get ready!

Look at the list of words below. They are colour-coded: verb forms, adjectives, nouns. Make sure you understand the meaning of all the words.

dialogue - stars - worst - love - released - soppy - locations - regret - romantic comedies - beautiful - recommend - leading lady - acting - Swedish - love interest - plot holes - two-dimensional - cliché - set - prince
Ressource affichée de l'autre côté.
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Put it together! Use the words above to complete this fictional film review.

Kiss Me is one of the
(movie genre) in recent years.
(past participle) in 2020, it
(verb) Cheryl Lovely as the
(role) and
(nationality) actor Thor Handsome as her
(role). This movie uses every
(noun) of the love story: a clumsy, but
(adjective) young woman meets a gorgeous, but workaholic man. Will they find
(noun)? The film is
(verb) in a variety of glamorous
(noun), but it is not enough to save the movie because of its many
(noun). The
(noun) is terrible. The characters are
(adjective) and the
(noun) is so predictable!
I would not
(verb) Kiss Me, unless you are looking for a
(adjective), fluffy modern fairy tale about a young woman waiting for her
(noun). I
(verb) watching it!
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