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The new rock stars?
Activity 4

The new rock stars?

Group 1: Best female athlete at the ESPYS

Simone Biles, 2016.

Group 2: One-armed player earns scholarship

Kevin Laue, 2019.

Group 3: 9-year-old plays college basketball

Jaden Newman, 2015.

Phonology tip

The “th” sound in athletics and athletes is pronounced the same way as in think (/θ/) contrary to they, that, or though (ð).

Exercices p. 149 Précis de phonologie p. 256
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You are in charge of one athlete.

Workbook p. 69

Look at the picture. Guess why this athlete is significant. Then watch the video.

Write a short presentation of your athlete.

What makes your athlete a superstar?

Useful vocabulary: My athlete stands out / is outstanding because...
He / she can be considered / regarded as...

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings and learn about the other athletes.

What are the common points and differences between them?

Choose the most impressive athlete. Be ready to justify your choice to the class.

Useful vocabulary: In our opinion...
She / He is the most remarkable...

Let's learn!

Vocabulary Time’s Up!

List words from the videos on this page. Prepare a definition for four of them. Get in teams. Make your classmates guess the words corresponding to your definitions.

Over to you!

Fan mail

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You are a high school student who dreams of getting a D1 scholarship. You write a letter to one of the athletes above.Tell them why you admire them and to ask for advice.

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