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Activity 2

Very special agents

Group 1: The worst agent ever!

Johnny English Reborn, Oliver Parker, 2011.

Group 2: The most famous agent

Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton, 1964.

Group 3: Disappointed agents

Spy, Paul Feig, 2015.


  • annoyed (adj.)
  • clumsy (adj.)
  • comical (adj.)
  • useful (adj.)
  • engineer (n.)
  • lab (n.)
  • purpose / goal / aim (n.)
  • expect (v.)
Voir les réponses

Each group is in charge of one video extract.

Workbook p. 73

Look at the film still and then watch the video. Be ready to present it.

How would you describe the spies and their attitude? What can they use to lead their mission (gadget...)?

What type of humour is used in the scene?
Useful vocabulary:
Thanks to his new gadget…
In order to… This might be useful to...

Let's talk this out!

Share your findings and learn about the other agents.

What are the best and the most efficient gadgets in your opinion?

Let's learn!

My favourite gadget!

Create a riddle to make your classmates guess what it is.

Ex: First, it’s a small object. It can be round or square. It has hands but it can also be digital. And it can give you the time too. Yes, it’s a watch!

Over to you!

Present a new gadget

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You have invented a new gadget and will present it to James Bond who will choose the one he keeps for his next mission. Prepare your presentation and give details about what you can do with this gadget and what you can’t do with it!

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